Less time from order to delivery through the mobile application
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Office Management office supplies for your business application Biurolink24 entails savings. Control order, thanks to the different levels of users, allows the moderation of the contract before its final submission

Direct connection to the storage system

Viewing products on the Biurolink24 application guarantees up-to-date prices and availability of goods. The ordering application puts them at once in a queue for processing in the Office Plus storage, so you can work on it at a convenient time, regardless of provider schedule. Once prepared, we will send it to you. A specially programmed interface for communication between the application and program storage and accounting (API) operates 24 hours a day

The future belongs to m-commerce

The constant switching between devices used every day (smartphone, tablet, notebook computer) requires the provision of so convenient solutions that not only comfortably operate individual services, but also has to be able after changing the device to continue it correctly and supervise its course. Biurolink24 solution performs brilliantly this task




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